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How can it help me feel less overwhelmed?

Sermon Maker helps you focus on what is important and write your sermon around that.

All your sermons are in one place, not all over the place.

When prep time is interrupted, easily jump back into your sermon and refocus immediately.

Get organized and preach your best sermons yet

Sermon Maker helps you stay focused and preach clear, biblical sermons with confidence

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Sermon Maker helps organize your preaching

Keep distractions at a minimum

Organize sermons in one spot

Make a calendar for easy planning

Stop searching the internet for ideas

No ads, no notifications, and a streamlined interface for writing your best sermons.

Plan a preaching calendar and connect your sermons to dates and venues.

Use any device to easily manage your sermon library in a simple interface.

Discover the world's best preaching ideas and stories inside your Sermon Maker account.

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Preach with clarity and biblical accuracy

Fewer distractions and deeper focus for you and your church

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Valued at $12.50/mo when paid annually

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