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Adjust the clock/timer widget in presentation mode

To get into presentation mode:

  1. From the sermon editor, you will see an option near the top right of the page that says, “present” with a small screen icon next to it. (If you’re using a device with a small screen like a tablet you will only see the screen icon)
  2. Click on this icon and your sermon will be brought into the presenter.

When you’re in presentation mode:

  1. Look at the clock down in the middle of your screen and you’ll see a “gear icon” next to the clock.

Presenter Clock

2. Click on the icon and a new drawer will open on the right.

3. In the bottom half of the drawer, you will see options under Time Mode. You can adjust your time, have the clock count up from 0 minutes or down from your selected time. You can also remove the clock if you don’t want to use it.

PRO-TIP: Experiment with the timer functions and the Toolbar Location to determine which settings are best for you.

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