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Are my sermons safe and secure?

We understand how important Sermons are to a pastor, ministry leader, or volunteer. That’s why we feel the question, “Will I lose my sermons if I save them in Sermon Maker?” is a vital one to have an answer for.

  1. We will not remove or delete sermons or other sermon-related assets from your account. Only you can delete content. With that said, you should know; If you delete a sermon, folder, link, etc… from your account, it is gone. 
  2. We have spent and will continue to spend the time, money, and energy it takes to build and maintain security around all our web-based resources including Sermon Maker. We maintain industry standards for online security. We regularly back up all our systems and data. Our servers and maintenance protocols follow industry guidelines and standards.

All that to say, your sermons and content are safe and secure in Sermon Maker and you’re the only person that can delete them.

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